testing, testing, 1...2...3! / by Caroline Hagerty

Hi there! Caroline here, aka Lini Victoria.

I’m a Retail Designer originally from South Florida, currently living + working in Los Angeles. I am new to motherhood and new to my 30’s. Creative expression is vital to me and I constantly find myself seeking out new ways to materialize my ideas. Being a new mom has made it pretty much impossible time-wise for me to pursue my love of painting and illustration, but I still crave an outlet for my ideas. Thus, a blog extension to my portfolio was born!

During my pregnancy I was surprised how difficult it was to find maternity content which felt relevant to me. I work full-time, so while I respect stay-at-home-moms, I cannot relate to them. I am not religious or a military wife, so that rules out another huge portion of the mommy blogs out there. A lot of the bloggers in Los Angeles live a lavish or obnoxiously wholesome lifestyle outside my reach. So, here I am! Not married but happily in a relationship with my baby daddy. Not on a shoestring budget but also not living lavishly. Just trying to be a better designer and a better mom a little more each day.

I’ll be sharing my stories about my journey to motherhood and also my journey as a designer working in retail spaces. I’m doing this mostly for my own personal fulfillment, but maybe someone out there can learn something from this creative exercise!


Love, Lini.